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Passing the Ohio Graduation Test in Social studies
by American Book Company

Passing The Ohio Graduation Test in Social Studies by Devin Pintozzi and Jan Potter…


This is a 320-page softbound workbook from American Book Company that aims to prepare 11th grade students for the Ohio Graduation Test in social studies. The preface says it is based on the current objectives and content descriptions as outlined by the Ohio Department of Education.

The book begins with a sheet of test-taking tips and hints to help students get through the actual testing experience. A diagnostic test, patterned after the real OGT, follows to help students (and parents, teachers) determine where their strong and weak points lie so they can better focus their efforts in studying. The diagnostic test includes an evaluation chart that refers users to the chapter of the book where the answers are found.

The next 16 chapters make up the substance of the workbook, teaching concepts and skills emphasized on the OGT itself. They include: applying critical thinking skills to history, the American Revolution and War of 1812, forming the American government, growth of the new nation, the Industrial Revolution, Populism, the U.S. as a world power, boom and bust era, World War II, the Cold War, the power of protest, challenges of the modern world, geography, geography and civilization, environment and technology and minority literary and artistic contributions in the U.S. Each chapter concludes with a review exercise that is a mixed bag of questions – true/false, definitions, quick match, multiple choice, short answer and extended response, which students can answer on their own or as part of a class assignment.

Two OGT practice test'>OGT practice tests in social studies, formulated to resemble the real test that students will confront, are toward the end of the book. By taking the tests, students can measure their progress in social studies against their performance on the earlier diagnostic test. Answers to all chapter review exercises and the two practice tests are included in a completely separate key that accompanies the workbook.

The final 13 pages of the workbook are an appendix of key concepts and terms that students should review before taking the OGT.

passing ogt social studies
Passing the Ohio Graduation Test in Social studies
Editors’ Review:
Passing the Ohio Graduation Test in Social studies
Pluses – This workbook features a concise, easy-to-follow layout. It covers a lot of territory, which is both an asset and a detriment. Some students might find the text-heavy workbook a bit overwhelming. Production values are good and there are ample photographs, diagrams and other visuals to break up the text. The separate answer key is convenient for both teachers and parents who are helping with test preparation. This “Passing The Ohio Graduation Test” series is one of the few OGT preparation tools that provides a separate key for each subject workbook. The diagnostic test is another plus, eliminating the need to review social studies concepts that are already mastered.

Minuses – Although the authors of this workbook are named, they are not from Ohio and appear to have no connection to the state. Although, Pintozzi has written several books, and software on passing graduation exams given in other states, the authors’ knowledge of Ohio education is questionable since they state in the first sentence of the preface that they are preparing high school juniors for the OGT. Ohio high school students first take the OGT during the spring of their sophomore year!

They also say the materials found in the book are based on Ohio educational objectives and content descriptions. But there’s no mention of benchmarks or grade-level indicators – important elements of any OGT prep tool.

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